The Web of Happiness

Crafting Self Gratification

I imagine true and whole happiness with that of a web: intertwined to make one large structure, or in this case, one large being. Same with that of a web, not all webs are the same: some are more intricately built and therefore more delicate, whereas some are thicker and able to withstand more resistance – this is not to say that either of the webs are wrong, just differently made. Finding a ‘one size fits all’ resolution to happiness is impossible.

Looking at the web in more detail, you can see that each strand is connected to another, so in this metaphor, there are so many linked ‘strands’ that make a person whole. A web is usually then linked to a solid structure, representing those places, people, memories and things that hold the web of happiness in times of struggle.

The good news is – webs can be rebuilt.

“Focus on what’s going right…rather than dwelling on the things that aren’t”

After writing this post, I then ‘googled’ the meaning of happy:

“Something fortunate and convenient”

First thought: someone is talking some serious bull**** and I don’t think it’s me.

FORTUNATE: favoured by or involving good luck: lucky.

CONVENIENT: situated so as to allow easy access to.

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